Become an affiliate!

And earn 50% for each commission :)

Getting new people to know about iChooseTo is very important to me!
That is why I am always looking for persons that are able to spread the word about it. We will work together very closely, and you are going to earn $7 for each commission!

Why whole 50%?
Finding new customers is much work and I want you to benefit for your effort! Also, since I am not using any cookies or require the user to login (which would be very unnecessary) you'll only profit once. That's why I think it's fair to pay you that much.

Minimum payout?
You are able to request a payment as soon as reaching $35 (which equals 5 commissions).

How to become an affiliate?
Just reach out to me directly ([email protected]) and I'll send you all the information needed!

Thanks for taking the time & kind regards