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Download iChooseTo from the Play Store, with three core functionalities:
• choose before opening an app
• rechoose after using it for a long time
• choose when unlocking your phone

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Download iChooseTo for Windows with three core functionalities:
• enter your intention and be reminded of it!
• take (FORCED) breaks from your computer!
• measure your usage time!

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Testimonials <3

Love this app so much! I have ADHD, so distractions & losing track of time is a constant struggle. I've searched for an app like this many times only to find unhelpful solutions like shame-reports of time wasted in each app, or locking out of apps after X amount of usage like I am a child. This app is actually helpful because it lets me set transition intervals to create awareness of time passing, so I can consciously *choose* how I spend my time. Brilliant solution, respects human autonomy 👍

Janna Curtis

This app gives time to re-examine your decision to open a certain app. If you have great willpower but often open distracting apps unconsciously, then it's for you. ❤

Rajesh Modak

Simple and clear. It's helping me a lot to avoid distractions, and to no longer compulsively open apps out of boredom.

Celestino Troiani

A novel idea for a productivity app. I have enough access to my time-wasters that I don't feel a need to find workarounds but can also force myself to reflect and wonder whether I really want to be distracted. Much better than all the freemium garbage I've seen floating around that tries to put a price on your productivity.

Alex Freitag

Great concept for an app, really good for managing my time, and it also works flawlessly.

Anthonius Evan

I have been looking for an app like this FOR YEARS. fantastic. thank you!

B.M. Watson

Thank you!

...for taking the time to visit my website! :) I'm not just going to endlessly praise my app and program here though - it's not thaaat good. But still very good. So just try it out! It's free, so you got nothin' to lose, right?
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