MOckInG/sARcaSM TeXT gENerAtOr v1.1 (Windows)


DOWNLOAD (without Java/.exe only/892 KB)    DOWNLOAD (setup/works without java/217 MB)    download java here

What is MOckInG/sARcaSM TeXT gENerAtOr for?
It generates the mocking spongebob/spongemock/mocking/sarcastic-Type-Text which uses both upper- and lowercase letters!Like this one
By pressing hotkeys u can start writing in "MOcKEry" or  change already written text into a mocking-text (u cAnNOt ChaNGe It BaCK THo)!

WHY use MOckInG/sARcaSM TeXT gENerAtOr?
Of course, u could use websites like this one ( to generate your mOcKInG-TeXTs.
So why use this generator? Three reasons:
- Because it is waayyy faster and more convenient!
- Because u can use it offline (MAybE u wAnT tO mOCk UrSelF)!
- BEcAusE I SpENd ThRee FuLL DAys To CodE iT

is it SAFE to use?
IS It saFe TO uSe
Mocking Spongebob
is it?
It's safe to use, as long as u download it from this website here. I'm Jonas, 21 y.o., I'm a beginner in programing even though I already programed another application called iChooseTo. And u can find a picture of me on the "About"-Tab and my address is at the bottom of this page in case u want to beat me up. The Generator is not keylogger, it only listens for the hotkeys (so, yes, it IS a keylogger in a way, but one that isn't harmful). All the code can be found on my GitHub-repository!

Download MOckInG/sARcaSM TeXT gENerAtOr v1.1

DOWNLOAD (without Java/.exe only/892 KB)DOWNLOAD (setup/works without java/217 MB)

first download: You already have an installed java version
second download: You don't want to install java but still want to use the generator